Durex Condoms and Durex Play

Starting off in 1929 when the London Rubber Company trademarked the name, an acronym for Durability, Reliability and Excellence, Durex condoms represent about a quarter of the entire 'protection' industry, and they're definitely one of the best knows names out there. Durex makes an amazing variety of condoms in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors, flavors and textures, making your choice of protection pleasurable too. Whether you like a condom that's a little roomier, prefer the thinnest design for increased sensitivity, need something non-latex, ribbed, lubed, or are after superior protection, Durex has you covered. Literally. Plus, now you can get all the stimulation you want with Durex Play, a line of vibrating love rings, finger vibes and more that will help enhance lovemaking for you both.
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